ideal home -away- from-home in Thessaloniki

Explore the history of "SMARTSTUDIO Group"

1978: the number of students attending the Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki was growing and housing covering students needs did not exist. This reality gave they idea to Kostas and Ifigenia Kotsianou to renovate and transform their own real estate to rooms fully furnished covering every day’s students’ needs.

1980: ”ALEXANDROU SVOLOU APARTMENTS ”, “AGHIAS SOFIAS APARTMENT ” and “DIALETTI  APARTMENT” were ready to receive their first students. The rooms of these apartments were the precursor of SMARTSTUDIO  GROUP.

1985: Kostas and Ifigenia Kotsianou build more rooms for students’  accommodation in the area of Analypsis in Thessaloniki at 8,  Papakiriazi Street according to the new and extended needs of young people.

1994: a large and very luminous private apartment opposite Pedion Areos in Athens has been renovated in order to cover A.S.O.E.E. students’ needs for housing.

2000: all apartments in Thessaloniki and Athens belong to DOMICILE S.A. and AMFITRION S.A. which form together SMARTSTUDIO GROUP.

2003: all rooms are renovated and transformed to large studios able to accomodate 1 to 2 pesons, fully furnished with kitchen, bathroom, hot water, central heating, WI FI, telephone and TV line, 24 hours 7 days a week staff assistance.

During more than 30 years "SMARTSTUDIO GROUP":

  • offers the appropriate environment for a student to live in and study
  • provides all promised services
  • tries to make every student not feel alone and lost in a foreign town
  • offers its services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Students who have been accommodated in "SMARTSTUDIO GROUP" facilities honour us by sending their siblings and friends to our studios and sometimes their children become our customers

"We would like to thank all old and new clients
for their respect to our work."