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1978: the number of students attending the Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki was growing and housing covering student’s needs did not exist. This reality gave them idea to Kostas and Ifigenia Kotsianou to renovate and transform their own real estate to rooms fully furnished covering every day’s students’ needs.
1980: ”ALEXANDROU SVOLOU APARTMENTS ”, “AGHIAS SOFIAS APARTMENT ” and “DIALETTI APARTMENT” were ready to receive their first students. The rooms of these apartments were the precursor of SMARTSTUDIO GROUP.

Services for our residents

At your arrival a member of our staff will:
• wait you in front of your studio’s building
• show you your clean and safe studio
• show you how electricity, water, central heating and WIFI work
• give you the keys and the receipt for your booking deposit
• offer you a welcome folder with some helpful tips regarding your stay in the studio
• sign the contract for your stay in the studio


Because we are a large and reliable company with tax number 094342651 at the tax office FAE of Thessaloniki and because we offer:
-Attentive and friendly help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
- Best equipped and organized studios in the business, in a very safe area of the city


Διαθέτουμε πλήρως επιπλωμένα studios στην Πλατεία Αγίας Σοφίας και στην περιοχή Ανάληψη της Θεσσαλονίκης. Απευθυνόμαστε σε φοιτητές, σπουδαστές και επισκέπτες της πόλης μας, οι οποίοι επιθυμούν να ζήσουν χωρίς να νοιάζονται για πληρωμές λογαριασμών ή συντήρηση του χώρου τους (π.χ. υδραυλικός, ηλεκτρολόγος). Όλα τα αναλαμβάνουμε εμείς.
Επίσης, καλύπτουμε επί 24 ώρου βάσεως οποιοδήποτε πρόβλημα προκύψει στα studios με δικό μας προσωπικό.
Επιθυμούμε την συνεργασία μαζί σας.
Επισκεφτείτε την ιστoσελίδα μας:


One of the most family festivities in Greece is Easter and it is also a significant celebration for the greek people. It is the one time of the year when families are expected to be together and people travel all over the country to celebrate Easter with their loved ones.Loud music and singing complete the high-spirited celebrations of a very traditional Greek Easter.


Private fully furnished studio tastefully decorated with balcony in the first floor of Papakiriazi building with its own kitchen which includes fridge, electric hob, oven and a private bathroom. Located ideally close to Vassilissis Olgas street, next to Georgiou bus station for buses driving you every three minutes down town Thessaloniki, it offers tenants ample space in a quiet residential neighborhood with excellent transport service. The studio is located 5 minutes’ walk from the sea side and 8 minutes drive by bus from the University area (fast bus track).


In the heart of Thessaloniki we rent studios under the registered name “SmartStudio Group”. If you visit our website you will be able to see all our studios. We are a reliable company with tax numbers (094342651 and 094374187) at the tax office FAE of Thessaloniki, Greece.
Situated within walking distance from Universities and the sea side our studios are fully furnished with kitchen, bathroom, hot water, central heating (gas), ceiling fan, internet connection, 24hrs service 7 days a week and a variety of prices.


- αφήστε μας να βρούμε το σωστό μέρος για να μείνετε και να νιώσετε σας το σπίτι σας
- τέλεια βάση για την εμπειρία σας στην Θεσσαλονίκη
- το SmartStudioGroup είναι το ιδανικό σπίτι –μακριά από το σπίτι- στην Θεσσαλονίκη. Γι’ αυτό γιατί να μην μείνετε σε μας;
- είμαστε το σπίτι σας στην Θεσσαλονίκη


The greek carnival is a event that concentrates on the intrest of a lot of people. Many tourists from all the parts of the country celebrates the carnival with a traditional way. There a lot of musical performances, parades, concerts and the hotels are always fully booked in that period. Enjoy it by dancing and singing out in the street!


SmartStudio Group offers affordable and comfortable accommodation, whilst living away from home.
For more information please visit our website:


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