ideal home -away- from-home in Thessaloniki


  1. If you leave before the date of your departure, you will pay till the last day of your stay and will lose the booking deposit.
  2. Changing studio without Managemant’s consent is not allowed.
  3. You are responsible for your keys. The deposit you have paid for your keys will be returned to you upon receipt of the keys prior to your departure.
  4. You have to take care not to disturb your neighbors through inconsiderate behaviour in the building(extremely loud music, extreme smoking and extreme use of alcohol).
  5. You will keep your studio clean and you will take care of the cleanliness of the common areas.We provide you a bromm and a mop.
  6. On the day of your departure your studio must be clean(swept and with no rubbish).If not you lose the keys deposit.
  7. You will not maintain extra electrical appliances in your studio or room as they may pause a SERIOUS FIRE HAZARD.
  8. Management bears no responsibility in the event of loss or theft of money, jewelry and other items regardless of their value.
  9. The organization of parties and the use of the studio’s facilities by non-tenants is forbidden.
  10. You have to know that the Management has a key to your studio and can visit it anytime needed.
  11. If you create a problem and cannot reach a solution with the Management ,you may be required to leave the studio immediately and lose the booking deposit.
  12. You will bear the costs of any damage that you may cause voluntary or involuntary, either in your studio or on other studio or in the common areas.
  13. You can not bring pets in your studio or in the common areas.
  14. You can leave your studio till 10 o'clock. If there is a prolongation in your stay you will be charged.
  15. You can smoke in your studio, not in the comon areas.
  16. You can come and leave the building anytime. For your own safety and safety of other clients make sure that the door of the main entrance is closed.
  17. If you intend to stay away from your studio for a longer period or if you finf out that your neighbor is missing for several days, inform the Management.
  18. In Greece electricity is 220V and 50Hertz. If you are not sure about your electrical equipment, ask our staff. All plugs are suko.